K-1 Sisters’ Voices Ensemble

Kindergarten and First grade girls and boys are invited to gather on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00 until 4:45 for singing! This ensemble is being offered by Sisters’ Voices in partnership with Leandra’s private studio, Wrensong Workshop.

For now, because of covid, we will meet in a small group over zoom and hope it will be safe to get together in person before too long. If there are enough participants registered, we will have a second ensemble meeting Tuesdays at 5:00. Participants will need a device (phone, tablet, computer) with Zoom installed and a strong internet connection. They will also need a quiet space where they can work without interruption, an open floor area, and a sturdy wooden or metal (not cushy) chair.

These classes are fashioned after the work of Zoltan Kodaly and John Feierabend. We work to build music as a language, developing skills through songs and games, building the ability to converse in the language (singing, creating rhythms, dancing), and then later teach the details of reading, and then writing. At this K-1 level, students learn songs and games, and they learn to sing with accurate rhythm and pitch. They will work on listening skills, and they will begin to encounter solfege (do, re, mi) as a precursor to reading and writing melodies. They will also learn vocabulary related to musical elements such as dynamics (volume), tempo (speed), form, pitch, rhythm, and instrumentation.

A parent, guardian, or other caregiver is welcome and encouraged to sit in on the class with the child, at least at first, to help the child engage with the class and to help integrate the lessons and songs into the child’s daily life. In the future, the integration of lessons into life will be called “practice”.

K-1 Ensembles require a semester-long commitment. Fall 2020 will meet September 1 through December 15, except November 24 (15 meetings). The cost for this semester (fall 2020) is $225. As with all Sisters’ Voices programs, scholarships are available. A $56.25 payment will be asked for at the beginning of each month: September, October, November, and December, and may be made directly to Leandra at Wrensong Workshop through PayPal or Venmo.

To register for a K-1 ensemble, please fill out the registration form here. Your child’s place will be secured in the ensemble once September’s payment has been received.

Private Lessons

Leandra is currently offering private lessons, individually tailored, in flute (for middle school students), recorder (3rd grade and older), and singing (elementary and middle school students).

Beginning instrumental students start with 45-minute introductory lesson, and then 15-minute lessons twice a week. Once a student has built endurance, she/he may begin 30- or 45- minute lessons once a week.

15 minutes = $15
30 minutes = $30
45 minutes = $45

Students who are interested in banding together with friends to begin an instrument are encouraged to take individual introductory lessons, and then may begin 45- minute lessons twice a week with a group of up to 5 students. Please contact Leandra for details and costs.

Singers will have a 30-minute introductory lesson and continue with 30-minute lessons weekly. The cost of a 30-minute lesson is $30.

All private students will need a device (phone, tablet, computer) with Zoom installed and a strong internet connection. They will also need a quiet space where they can work without interruption, a music stand, and a sturdy wooden or metal (not cushy) chair or stool. If your child needs an instrument, please contact Leandra before purchasing one!

Please click here to register. You’ll be asked to indicate your plans for payment and your scheduling preferences.