I am Leandra, the Artistic Director and founder of Sisters’ Voices, a community of girls in Chatham, Orange, and Durham counties, who love to sing. Wrensong Workshop is my private studio.

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At Wrensong Workshop you’ll find new ensembles for kindergarteners and first graders who plan to move into Sisters’ Voices as second graders; as well as private lessons in singing, flute, and recorder. Wrensong Workshop is the branch of my work where I can more fully addresses individual singers’ and instrumentalists’ needs as they develop into capable, expressive, artistic musicians and people.

For Singers:
At Wrensong Workshop singers meet individually or in small groups to learn songs and build aural and vocal skills. During these Covid times, these meetings happen over Zoom until it’s safe for us to meet together in my studio.

Lessons are available for singers who are already matching pitch and singing well, and also for singers who have not yet learned to feel a beat or match pitch.

Young singers learn pitch differentiation, independent singing, bel canto vocal technique, harmony singing, music reading, and performance skills, through study and practice of folk songs and classical repertoire.  More experienced singers further develop and polish their skills in this thoughtful, inspiring, and collaborative musical environment. Please note that I do not teach children to belt or otherwise to sing in a Broadway or pop style; my aim is to work with a child’s sense of beauty and wonder, to give her many songs to sing, and to teach her to use her voice in ways that are healthy and expressive. From there, a child may choose any style of singing that suits her.

I enjoy working with any age singer, including new and Can’t-Carry-a-Tune-in-a-Bucket singers, both children and adults.

For beginning Flute and Recorder players:
I enjoy helping new flute players get started on their instruments and giving intermediate students a boost. Students typically begin flute when they enter Middle School. If you are hoping to begin flute lessons, please contact me before purchasing an instrument.

Recorder is a wonderful instrument for everyone from 3rd grade up. It’s a beautiful instrument in its own right, and it’s a great starting place for anyone who hopes to begin a woodwind instrument in the future. If you are planning to begin recorder lessons and have not already purchased an instrument, please contact me before doing so.

I received my musical training at Meredith College (flute performance), Yale School of Music (Choral Conducting), and Indiana University (Choral Conducting and Literature), as well as from many private teachers, choral directors, and colleagues over the years. My teaching also draws on my experience as a Bodywork/Massage Therapist, my deep interest in symbolism and psychology, my love of words and language and communication, and my parenting journey. I enjoy working with students of all ages, and my most profound education continually comes from them, my students.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

P.S. If you are a girl in any grade between 2nd and 8th, and you’re looking for an eclectic singing community (SO much more than just a girls chorus!), check out Sisters’ Voices! You’ll find us at www.sistersvoices.org. All girls are welcome (no singing experience is required), and currently (during Covid) we’re offering ensembles on Mondays and small group classes throughout the week. Soon we’ll be adding other activities like writing and discussion groups.